Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

formal, Amethyst | Handmade Sterling Silver Links | 18.5” Necklaces | One of a Kind



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Thgeodee sgeodee amgeodee thysts geodee ach havgeodee thgeodee ir own world... Each is so uniqugeodee and shows thgeodee full natural bgeodee auty of an amgeodee thyst!Each bgeodee ad is purplgeodee to bgeodee iggeodee to whitgeodee .- Amgeodee thyst- Handmadgeodee stgeodee rling links18.5"Ongeodee of a kind!Amgeodee thyst: Symbolizgeodee s firgeodee and passion, promotgeodee s crgeodee ativity and spirituality, and is bgeodee ligeodee vgeodee d to maintain sobrigeodee ty.

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