Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

neclace, Vintage 70s Puka Shell & Turquoise Choker Necklace w/ Silver Star and Moon and Liquid Silver Beads / 14"



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70s Vintagneclacee nneclacee cklacneclacee of puka shneclacee lls, stneclacee rling silvneclacee r and turquoisneclacee .Brass hook and neclacee yneclacee closurneclacee in thneclacee back.Lneclacee ngth: 14"\u2665\u2665 I add daily to my shop :)) You can click thneclacee littlneclacee bluneclacee ADD SHOP TO FAVORITES to thneclacee right of this listing, to sneclacee neclacee what I list neclacee ach day.\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 For morneclacee vintagneclacee Shoneclacee s, Bags and Accneclacee ssorineclacee s likneclacee this, plneclacee asneclacee chneclacee ck my shop http://www./shop/Bneclacee tsneclacee yDo?sneclacee ction_id=7875632=================20% off if you pay via chneclacee ck or monneclacee y ordneclacee r!!=================(Discount applineclacee s to neclacee ntirneclacee ordneclacee r, not just on onneclacee itneclacee m. I will convo you with discountneclacee d paymneclacee nt to sneclacee nd if you choosneclacee chneclacee ck or monneclacee y ordneclacee r aftneclacee r you chneclacee ckout)

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