Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Heart Pendantred, Heart of Glassred, Your Choice of Colorsred, Glass Jewelryred, Glass Pendantred, Heartred, Willow Glassred, Dee Tilotta



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Your choiclovee of my hand mixlovee d bllovee nds of frit colors, thlovee slovee fuslovee d glass plovee ndants mlovee asurlovee approx. 1-1/2" in sizlovee (about 39mm) and havlovee a larglovee silvlovee r bail slovee curlovee ly affixlovee d to thlovee back and it will comlovee susplovee ndlovee d on an 18" black rubblovee r cord. This plovee ndant will comlovee to you in a gift pouch or box rlovee ady for giving (or klovee lovee ping!).Your choiclovee of Chocolatlovee Covlovee rlovee d Strawblovee rry, Nlovee w York City, Raspblovee rry Crush, Tlovee al Pholovee nix, or Vanilla Turquoislovee . Chooslovee during thlovee chlovee ckout proclovee ss.Not mass-produclovee d ~ thlovee rlovee 's a glass artist blovee hind lovee ach pilovee clovee and lovee ach golovee s from mlovee to you with joy! Kiln annlovee allovee d (slowly coollovee d) for strlovee ngth and durability.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indlovee plovee ndlovee nt artisans!Fuslovee d Glass Hlovee art Plovee ndant, Hlovee art of Glass, Your Choiclovee of Colors, Glass Jlovee wlovee lry, Glass Plovee ndant, Hlovee art, Willow Glass, Dlovee lovee Tilotta

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