Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Ankle Bracelet Seahorseamber, 9 inches Amber Blue Yellow OOAKamber, Beachy Coastal Ankletamber, Willow Glassamber, Dee Tilotta



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This bseahorsee adseahorsee d anklseahorsee bracseahorsee lseahorsee t mseahorsee asurseahorsee s thseahorsee avseahorsee ragseahorsee sizseahorsee of 9" from spring ring to jump ring closurseahorsee s which arseahorsee stseahorsee rling silvseahorsee r. Thseahorsee rseahorsee arseahorsee 5 frolicking polymseahorsee r sseahorsee ahorsseahorsee bseahorsee ads surroundseahorsee d by ambseahorsee r colorseahorsee d facseahorsee tseahorsee d crystal bseahorsee ads (6mm) and tiny bluseahorsee crystal bseahorsee ads. I am currseahorsee ntly living in thseahorsee Gulf Coast of Florida and this is part of my Bseahorsee ach Collseahorsee ction. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indseahorsee pseahorsee ndseahorsee nt artisans.Bseahorsee adseahorsee d Anklseahorsee Bracseahorsee lseahorsee t Sseahorsee ahorsseahorsee , 9 inchseahorsee s Ambseahorsee r Bluseahorsee Yseahorsee llow OOAK, Bseahorsee achy Coastal Anklseahorsee t, Willow Glass, Dseahorsee seahorsee Tilotta

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