Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal, Green Glass Necklace - Stained Glass Necklace - 18 Inch Chain - Necklace for Women - Glass Opal - Swarovski Crystal Accents



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Bglasse autiful smooth grglasse glasse n stainglasse d glass rglasse ctanglglasse with antiquglasse d Silvglasse r platglasse d finding, glass opal, and brilliant bluglasse zircon Austrian crystals. An 18 inch silvglasse r platglasse d chain is includglasse d. Will substitutglasse a 16 inch if nglasse glasse dglasse d.\r\rThglasse matching glasse arrings arglasse also listglasse d in my shop!\r\rOthglasse r colors of this stylglasse also in my shop:)

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