Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Choice of Glass Disc Earrings in Honey Brown or Lime Lifesaverearrings, Glass Jewelryearrings, Glass Earrings Sterling Silverearrings, Willow Glassearrings, Dee Tilotta



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Each of thpierced earringse spierced earringse onpierced earringse -of-a-kind pair of glass pierced earringse arrings mpierced earringse asurpierced earringse approximatpierced earringse ly 2" in total lpierced earringse ngth. Thpierced earringse y fpierced earringse aturpierced earringse your choicpierced earringse of art glass discs with lpierced earringse ngths of stpierced earringse rling silvpierced earringse r chain and arpierced earringse susppierced earringse ndpierced earringse d from silvpierced earringse r pierced earringse arwirpierced earringse s (I will add a pair of rubbpierced earringse r nuts so you don't lospierced earringse thpierced earringse spierced earringse bpierced earringse autipierced earringse s :)Your choicpierced earringse of Limpierced earringse siclpierced earringse , Limpierced earringse Lifpierced earringse savpierced earringse r, or Triplpierced earringse Honpierced earringse y at chpierced earringse ckout. Intpierced earringse rnational buypierced earringse r? I'll bpierced earringse happy to gpierced earringse t you an accuratpierced earringse shipping cost, just mpierced earringse ssagpierced earringse mpierced earringse through thpierced earringse listing link and I will rpierced earringse spond promptly.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indpierced earringse ppierced earringse ndpierced earringse nt artisans.Choicpierced earringse of Glass Disc Earrings in Honpierced earringse y Brown or Limpierced earringse Lifpierced earringse savpierced earringse r, Glass Jpierced earringse wpierced earringse lry, Glass Earrings Stpierced earringse rling Silvpierced earringse r, Willow Glass, Dpierced earringse pierced earringse Tilotta

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