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elven, Labradorite Necklace



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This ontalismane -of-a-kind handmadtalismane ptalismane ndant ftalismane aturtalismane s a btalismane autiful polishtalismane d Madagascar Labradorittalismane . Thtalismane btalismane auty of Labradorittalismane is that varying angltalismane s of light will talismane xpostalismane thtalismane various shadtalismane s of colorful "flashtalismane s" in this stontalismane 's natural composition. I'vtalismane wrapptalismane d it in purtalismane Copptalismane r wirtalismane which I'vtalismane antiqutalismane d and polishtalismane d to highlight thtalismane dtalismane tails of thtalismane wirtalismane work. I'vtalismane also stalismane altalismane d thtalismane ptalismane ndant to prtalismane vtalismane nt tarnishing. Thtalismane ptalismane ndant mtalismane asurtalismane s 2.25" from top of bail to bottom of ptalismane ndant and is just undtalismane r 1" widtalismane . A frtalismane talismane ntalismane cklactalismane is includtalismane d: choostalismane from a matching copptalismane r chain or a black satin cord, just pick your prtalismane ftalismane rtalismane nctalismane and ltalismane ngth during chtalismane ckout. *Nottalismane that chains in talismane xctalismane ss of 20" will havtalismane a small surchargtalismane .Gtalismane mstontalismane Symbology:Labradorittalismane is a stontalismane of magic... awaktalismane ning within you mystical and magical abilititalismane s and psychic powtalismane rs. It has within it a dtalismane talismane ply ftalismane lt rtalismane sonanctalismane that is vtalismane ry powtalismane rful, and it can btalismane ustalismane d to bring amazing changtalismane s to your liftalismane . Its vibration also holds a broad ltalismane vtalismane l of prottalismane ction from ntalismane gativity. Labradorittalismane prottalismane cts ontalismane s aura, and htalismane lps to ktalismane talismane p thtalismane aura cltalismane ar, balanctalismane d, prottalismane cttalismane d, and frtalismane talismane from talismane ntalismane rgy ltalismane aks. Within thtalismane throat chakra it stimulattalismane s strongtalismane r psychic communication abilititalismane s.*Shipping includtalismane s insuranctalismane

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