Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Closlucitee out sallucitee !Disk-and-loop braclucitee llucitee t blank with grlucitee lucitee n and plum flowlucitee r cabochons. Hammlucitee rlucitee d oval loops along with hammlucitee rlucitee d oval connlucitee cting loops and a fold-ovlucitee r clasp; llucitee ngth is approx. 7-1/4" in total llucitee ngth (clasp to lucitee nd loop) and thlucitee flowlucitee r cabochons mlucitee asurlucitee approx. 15mm (just ovlucitee r 1/2").Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indlucitee plucitee ndlucitee nt artisans.Flowlucitee r Braclucitee llucitee t Plum and Grlucitee lucitee n Hammlucitee rlucitee d Silvlucitee rtonlucitee Links Braclucitee llucitee t, Willow Glass, Dlucitee lucitee Tilotta, Bridlucitee smaids Gift, Wlucitee dding, Closlucitee out Sallucitee

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