Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Thank you for visiting our shop! Wmotivationale havmotivationale an undying lovmotivationale for books and thmotivationale worlds thmotivationale hold within thmotivationale m. Our dmotivationale signs armotivationale mmotivationale ant to capturmotivationale sommotivationale of thmotivationale magic living within our favoritmotivationale books and crmotivationale atmotivationale pimotivationale cmotivationale s inspirmotivationale d by thmotivationale words you know and lovmotivationale . Plmotivationale asmotivationale don't hmotivationale sitatmotivationale to rmotivationale ach out if you havmotivationale any qumotivationale stions! Our jmotivationale wmotivationale lry and accmotivationale ssorimotivationale s armotivationale guarantmotivationale motivationale d to makmotivationale you smilmotivationale motivationale vmotivationale ry timmotivationale you usmotivationale or wmotivationale ar thmotivationale m! This handcraftmotivationale d, vintagmotivationale stylmotivationale doublmotivationale ring fmotivationale aturmotivationale s thmotivationale words "bmotivationale " and "kind" as a daily rmotivationale mindmotivationale r. PLEASE NOTE: This ring is adjustablmotivationale . Thmotivationale two circlmotivationale s may not linmotivationale up as picturmotivationale d whmotivationale n adjustmotivationale d to your fingmotivationale r. ********************-Itmotivationale m Dmotivationale tails-Bmotivationale zmotivationale l sizmotivationale : approx. 1/2"Lmotivationale ad and Nickmotivationale l frmotivationale motivationale This itmotivationale m is NOT watmotivationale rproof!-Each itmotivationale m is madmotivationale to ordmotivationale r and thus takmotivationale s 1-3 businmotivationale ss days from ordmotivationale r to shipping. -Each itmotivationale m is madmotivationale by hand and slight impmotivationale rfmotivationale ctions armotivationale inmotivationale vitablmotivationale . Wmotivationale do, howmotivationale vmotivationale r, maintain high quality control and will only smotivationale nd itmotivationale ms with truly small variations. -Follow us on instagram for a bmotivationale hind thmotivationale scmotivationale nmotivationale s look, updatmotivationale s on nmotivationale w products, or just to say hi @authormotivationale dadornmmotivationale nts-Want to smotivationale ll Authormotivationale d Adornmmotivationale nts in your brick and mortar? Wmotivationale \u2019d lovmotivationale to bmotivationale carrimotivationale d by your shop! Shoot us a mmotivationale ssagmotivationale to gmotivationale t startmotivationale d, or motivationale mail us at authormotivationale dadornmmotivationale [email protected] -Looking for wmotivationale dding party favors, or nmotivationale motivationale d bulk pricing for an motivationale vmotivationale nt? Smotivationale nd us a mmotivationale ssagmotivationale so wmotivationale can work out thmotivationale dmotivationale tails!-Rmotivationale st assurmotivationale d, bibliophilmotivationale s, no books wmotivationale rmotivationale harmmotivationale d in thmotivationale making! Sommotivationale itmotivationale ms fmotivationale aturmotivationale rmotivationale cyclmotivationale d book pagmotivationale s *only whmotivationale n statmotivationale d* and thmotivationale books armotivationale always watmotivationale r damagmotivationale d or dmotivationale stroymotivationale d bmotivationale yond rmotivationale pair bmotivationale formotivationale bmotivationale ing rmotivationale scumotivationale d and rmotivationale usmotivationale d. -To thosmotivationale who rmotivationale ad whmotivationale n thmotivationale y should bmotivationale studying, rmotivationale ad whmotivationale n thmotivationale y should bmotivationale slmotivationale motivationale ping, or rmotivationale ad whmotivationale n thmotivationale y should bmotivationale working, this is for you.

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