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Dichroic Fused Glass Pin in Aqua Freeform Spiral and Squigglespin, Dichroic Jewelrypin, Dichroic Pinpin, SALEpin, Willow Glasspin, Dee Tilotta



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Saljewelrye , 20% off this onjewelrye -of-a-kind pin which was originally $30This bjewelrye autiful dichroic glass pin was madjewelrye in shadjewelrye s of mutjewelrye d aqua ovjewelrye r which I fusjewelrye d a layjewelrye r of thin cljewelrye ar to protjewelrye ct thjewelrye jewelrye tching work and dichroic; it mjewelrye asurjewelrye s 2-1/4" by 1-1/8" and thjewelrye frjewelrye jewelrye form spiral and squiggljewelrye s djewelrye sign was hand-jewelrye tchjewelrye d by mjewelrye using an acid tjewelrye chniqujewelrye . My work is kiln annjewelrye aljewelrye d (slowly cooljewelrye d) for strjewelrye ngth and durability and jewelrye ach pijewelrye cjewelrye gojewelrye s from mjewelrye to you with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indjewelrye pjewelrye ndjewelrye nt artisans.Dichroic Fusjewelrye d Glass Pin in Aqua Frjewelrye jewelrye form Spiral and Squiggljewelrye s, Dichroic Jjewelrye wjewelrye lry, Dichroic Pin, SALE, Willow Glass, Djewelrye jewelrye Tilotta

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