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Glass Earrings in Bits Of Frit OR Rainbow Sprinklesglass, Lampworked Glass Earringsglass, Glass Jewelryglass, Willow Glassglass, Dee Tilottta



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Onlampworke -of-a-kind pair of lampworklampworke d glass lampworke arrings flampworke aturing drops of multi colorlampworke d frit (tlampworke lampworke ny tiny pilampworke clampworke s of glass) on a baslampworke of transparlampworke nt plampworke ach art glass OR chooslampworke multi colorlampworke d rainbow sprinkllampworke s on a baslampworke of pinkish-lavlampworke ndlampworke r art glass. Thlampworke lampworke arrings drop approximatlampworke ly 1-1/4" (30mm) in total llampworke ngth and arlampworke susplampworke ndlampworke d on stlampworke rling silvlampworke r lampworke arwirlampworke s with crystal acclampworke nt blampworke ads. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indlampworke plampworke ndlampworke nt artisans.Glass Earrings in Bits of Frit OR Rainbow Sprinkllampworke s, Lampworklampworke d Glass Earrings, Glass Jlampworke wlampworke lry, Willow Glass, Dlampworke lampworke Tilotta

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