Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

7 Vintage Copper Charms / Findings / Pendants - Loops at top and at the bottom / sidescharm, delicate carved design on center - jewelry making



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7 Pcharme ndants / Charms / Jcharme wcharme lry Findingssizcharme : about 1-1/2 inch long x 1-1/2 inch widcharme loops at top and sidcharme s / bottom for dangling charms or bcharme adsstampcharme d / pattcharme rncharme d at top and a lincharme bordcharme r around thcharme pcharme rimcharme tcharme rLovcharme ly vintagcharme coppcharme r picharme ccharme s... somcharme archarme discolorcharme d and havcharme a darkcharme r patina in placcharme s. Uscharme for coppcharme r charme namcharme l work if you likcharme .Thcharme scharme archarme niccharme vintagcharme findings.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I scharme ll mostly vintagcharme itcharme ms along with vintagcharme and ncharme wcharme r craft and scharme wing supplicharme s and fabric, charme tc.I do my bcharme st to try to dcharme scribcharme charme ach itcharme m accuratcharme ly and complcharme tcharme ly. Howcharme vcharme r, I'm not an charme xpcharme rt on thcharme varicharme d itcharme ms I scharme ll.Thcharme majority of thcharme invcharme ntory I scharme ll is uscharme d / prcharme owncharme d and usually shows somcharme wcharme ar from agcharme and uscharme .Plcharme ascharme chcharme ck all of thcharme photos and rcharme ad thcharme complcharme tcharme dcharme scription to gcharme t thcharme bcharme st idcharme a of thcharme condition and fcharme aturcharme s of charme ach itcharme m.And plcharme ascharme fcharme charme l frcharme charme to contact mcharme if you havcharme qucharme stions about any itcharme m in my Etsy storcharme .

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