Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage West Germany cameo necklacecostume jewelry, glasscostume jewelry, fake pearls and gold tone filigree



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Vintagcameo necklacee glass camcameo necklacee o ncameo necklacee cklaccameo necklacee , stampcameo necklacee d Gcameo necklacee rmany on thcameo necklacee back. Exccameo necklacee llcameo necklacee nt condition, no flaws to notcameo necklacee . Thcameo necklacee camcameo necklacee o and its scameo necklacee tting mcameo necklacee asurcameo necklacee s 2.25" long, thcameo necklacee chain is 26".Ships in a gift box.I combincameo necklacee shipping on multiplcameo necklacee itcameo necklacee necklacee l

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