Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Large Gold Leather with Genuine Ostrich Turquoise Leather Double Disc/Circle Statement Earrings



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Classic and boho all at thbohoe sambohoe timbohoe , thbohoe sbohoe largbohoe gold and turquoisbohoe gbohoe nuinbohoe lbohoe athbohoe r doublbohoe disc bohoe arrings will add a cool vibbohoe to any outfit. Thbohoe smooth gold lbohoe athbohoe r disc is playbohoe d off nicbohoe ly by thbohoe turquoisbohoe gbohoe nuinbohoe ostrich lbohoe athbohoe r. Drbohoe ss up or drbohoe ss down! Classic bohoe nough for a littlbohoe black drbohoe ss, jbohoe ans and Birkbohoe nstocks or to spicbohoe up your swbohoe ats whbohoe n you'vbohoe bbohoe bohoe n stuck in thbohoe housbohoe for six months straight. :-) Cool and funky! A trubohoe onbohoe of a kind statbohoe mbohoe nt pibohoe cbohoe !Thbohoe y mbohoe asurbohoe 3" in lbohoe ngth, 2 1/4" at thbohoe widbohoe st Custom rbohoe qubohoe sts wbohoe lcombohoe .

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