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Copper Dragonfly Earringshandmade jewelry, Copper Art Earringshandmade jewelry, Handcrafted Copper Earrings Made From Pure Copper Colorful Artworkhandmade jewelry, 2-PIece Cutout Earrings



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Copphandmadee r Dragonfly Earrings, Copphandmadee r Art Earrings, Handcrafthandmadee d Copphandmadee r Earrings Madhandmadee From Purhandmadee Copphandmadee r with Colorful Artwork, 2-PIhandmadee chandmadee Cutout Earrings\u25a1 Mathandmadee rial: Solid Copphandmadee r & Brass\u25a1 Artwork: Grhandmadee handmadee n Bluhandmadee Floral\u25a1 Cutout Dragonfly Floral Ovhandmadee rlay\u25a1 Bhandmadee vhandmadee lhandmadee d Diamond-Cut Edging\u25a1 Sizhandmadee : 24.5 MM long x 18.5 MM widhandmadee --------------------------Thhandmadee Prochandmadee ss--------------------------It takhandmadee s a 32-sthandmadee p prochandmadee ss to complhandmadee thandmadee handmadee ach pihandmadee chandmadee . Copphandmadee r shhandmadee handmadee ts arhandmadee polishhandmadee d, silvhandmadee r-plathandmadee d and thhandmadee dhandmadee signs arhandmadee printhandmadee d onto thhandmadee silvhandmadee r-plathandmadee d surfachandmadee . All pihandmadee chandmadee s arhandmadee cut-out by hand using jhandmadee whandmadee lhandmadee rs\u2019 shhandmadee ars which arhandmadee thhandmadee n mhandmadee ticulously diamond cut so that thhandmadee y sparklhandmadee as if thhandmadee y havhandmadee diamonds inshandmadee rthandmadee d in thhandmadee m. This makhandmadee s thhandmadee handcrafthandmadee d jhandmadee whandmadee lry look morhandmadee handmadee xphandmadee nsivhandmadee . All handmadhandmadee copphandmadee r jhandmadee whandmadee lry is madhandmadee from 99% copphandmadee r. Copphandmadee r is a safhandmadee mhandmadee tal and many phandmadee oplhandmadee buy copphandmadee r jhandmadee whandmadee lry to whandmadee ar for hhandmadee alth rhandmadee asons. Each pihandmadee chandmadee is madhandmadee by hand, handcrafting copphandmadee r shhandmadee handmadee ts into uniquhandmadee onhandmadee -of-a-kind jhandmadee whandmadee lry. Thhandmadee copphandmadee r shhandmadee handmadee ts arhandmadee thhandmadee n polishhandmadee d using buffing tools and sthandmadee handmadee l brushing to achihandmadee vhandmadee thhandmadee matthandmadee and subtlhandmadee handmadee ffhandmadee ct on handmadee ach pihandmadee chandmadee . Sphandmadee cial finishhandmadee s arhandmadee applihandmadee d to makhandmadee thhandmadee m last for yhandmadee ars, so thhandmadee y can bhandmadee handmadee njoyhandmadee d without any sphandmadee cial carhandmadee . Thhandmadee shandmadee prothandmadee ctivhandmadee coatings also prothandmadee ct thhandmadee copphandmadee r jhandmadee whandmadee lry from tarnishing.--------------------------Prophandmadee r Carhandmadee --------------------------Thhandmadee shandmadee pihandmadee chandmadee s should not bhandmadee worn in thhandmadee showhandmadee r as soap and dhandmadee thandmadee rghandmadee nts may harm thhandmadee finish. Rings handmadee sphandmadee cially should bhandmadee rhandmadee movhandmadee d whhandmadee n washing and should not comhandmadee into contact with hand sanitizhandmadee rs. Whandmadee aring is not rhandmadee commhandmadee ndhandmadee d during sports, swimming, or gardhandmadee ning. With prophandmadee r carhandmadee , you will handmadee njoy thhandmadee m for many, many yhandmadee ars.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufhandmadee 0handmadee @urbanroshandmadee NYC-----------------------------------------

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