Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large earrings, Large Elongated Teardrop Layered Leopard and Caramel Leather Double Earrings



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Classic and boho all at thbohoe sambohoe timbohoe , thbohoe sbohoe largbohoe lbohoe opard and carambohoe l colorbohoe d lbohoe athbohoe r bohoe longatbohoe d tbohoe ardrop bohoe arrings will add a cool vibbohoe to any outfit. Drbohoe ss up or drbohoe ss down! Classic, crisp and chic, thbohoe y go from thbohoe officbohoe to a night out without missing a bbohoe at. Cool and funky! A trubohoe onbohoe of a kind statbohoe mbohoe nt pibohoe cbohoe !Thbohoe y mbohoe asurbohoe 4 1/8" in lbohoe ngth, 3/4" at thbohoe widbohoe stCustom rbohoe qubohoe sts wbohoe lcombohoe .

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