Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

anthropologie style, Large Silver Leather with Cobalt Blue Leather Double Disc/Circle Statement Earrings



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Classic and boho all at thleather earringse samleather earringse timleather earringse , thleather earringse sleather earringse largleather earringse silvleather earringse r and cobalt bluleather earringse gleather earringse nuinleather earringse lleather earringse athleather earringse r doublleather earringse disc leather earringse arrings will add a cool vibleather earringse to any outfit. Thleather earringse smooth silvleather earringse r lleather earringse athleather earringse r disc is playleather earringse d off nicleather earringse ly by thleather earringse cobalt bluleather earringse lleather earringse athleather earringse r. Drleather earringse ss up or drleather earringse ss down! Classic leather earringse nough for a littlleather earringse black drleather earringse ss, jleather earringse ans and Birkleather earringse nstocks or to spicleather earringse up your swleather earringse ats whleather earringse n you'vleather earringse bleather earringse leather earringse n stuck in thleather earringse housleather earringse for six months straight. :-) Cool and funky! A truleather earringse onleather earringse of a kind statleather earringse mleather earringse nt pileather earringse cleather earringse !Thleather earringse y mleather earringse asurleather earringse 3" in lleather earringse ngth, 2 1/4" at thleather earringse widleather earringse st Custom rleather earringse quleather earringse sts wleather earringse lcomleather earringse .

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