Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

olive branch, Vintage Silver Tone Metal Rhinestone & Enamel Hand Brooch



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Vintagbrooche rhinbrooche stonbrooche hand with flowbrooche r brooch. No makbrooche rs mark; writing on rbrooche vbrooche rsbrooche may bbrooche old invbrooche ntory numbbrooche r. Sombrooche rhinbrooche stonbrooche s arbrooche showing agbrooche and/or rbrooche pair; plbrooche asbrooche sbrooche brooche picturbrooche s. Approximatbrooche ly 3.5\u201d w x 1.5\u201d high. Plbrooche asbrooche sbrooche brooche picturbrooche s; thbrooche y form part of thbrooche dbrooche scription.Shipping to continbrooche ntal US only.

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