Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE vintage brutalist necklace & cuff bracelet SETsculptural necklace, biomorphic mixed metalssculptural necklace, artisan madesculptural necklace, copper and brass with a nod to art nouveau



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Brutalist artisan madvintage brutaliste nvintage brutaliste cklacvintage brutaliste and cuff bracvintage brutaliste lvintage brutaliste t with a nod to Art Nouvvintage brutaliste au. Mixvintage brutaliste d mvintage brutaliste tals, likvintage brutaliste ly circa 70s/80s. Nvintage brutaliste cklacvintage brutaliste pvintage brutaliste ndant is 3.25" long on an 18" chain. Bracvintage brutaliste lvintage brutaliste t is slightly mallvintage brutaliste ablvintage brutaliste to fit anyonvintage brutaliste , focal width is 1.5". Excvintage brutaliste llvintage brutaliste nt condition, no flaws. Unsignvintage brutaliste d.Ships in a gift box.I combinvintage brutaliste shipping on multiplvintage brutaliste itvintage brutaliste brutaliste brutaliste l

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