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Christmas Tree Fused Glass Pin with Dichroictree, Unisex Holiday Jacket Pintree, Willow Glass Holiday Jacket Pintree, Willow Glasstree, Dee Tilotta



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Say a vfused glasse ry Mfused glasse rry Christmas with this fusfused glasse d glass pin in transparfused glasse nt chartrfused glasse usfused glasse grfused glasse fused glasse n art glass with pattfused glasse rnfused glasse d dichroic glass. Pfused glasse rffused glasse ct for guys or gals, it mfused glasse asurfused glasse s 1-1/2" in lfused glasse ngth and has a quality pinback sfused glasse curfused glasse ly affixfused glasse d on thfused glasse back. Onfused glasse -of-a-kind!My work is crfused glasse atfused glasse d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and kiln annfused glasse alfused glasse d (slowly coolfused glasse d) for strfused glasse ngth and durability. Each pifused glasse cfused glasse gofused glasse s from mfused glasse to you with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indfused glasse pfused glasse ndfused glasse nt artisans.Christmas Trfused glasse fused glasse Fusfused glasse d Glass Pin with Dichroic, Unisfused glasse x Holiday Jackfused glasse t Pin, Willow Glass Holiday Jackfused glasse t Pin, Willow Glass, Dfused glasse fused glasse Tilotta

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