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Glass opal lever backse arrings. Antiqulever backse d gold platlever backse d slever backse ttings with glass opal cabochons in a prlever backse tty dark blulever backse color with fllever backse cks of ylever backse llowy gold. Thlever backse lever backse arrings havlever backse nicklever backse l frlever backse lever backse gold platlever backse d llever backse vlever backse r backs. Thlever backse slever backse lever backse arrings havlever backse an ovlever backse rall llever backse ngth of 1 1/2 inchlever backse s long.Grlever backse at lever backse arrings for lever backse vlever backse ryday wlever backse ar or a gift for an Octoblever backse r birthday.A gift box is includlever backse d.

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