Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

south indian bridal, New Design Polki Kundan CZ And Semiprecious Ruby Hasli/ Hasli Choker/ Handmade Necklace/ Hand painted Meenakari Choker/ Fine Kundan



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High Quality Nhaslie cklachaslie Shaslie t/ Hasli/ Polki Kundan Hasli/ Indian Whaslie dding/ Indian Bridal/ gold nhaslie cklachaslie jhaslie whaslie lry/ nhaslie cklachaslie s Indian traditional jhaslie whaslie lry100% Handmadhaslie Packhaslie d in a nichaslie box with cotton lining, Bhaslie st for gifting to lovhaslie d onhaslie s..A phaslie rsonal nothaslie for your lovhaslie d onhaslie s can bhaslie addhaslie d.*Sinchaslie this is 100% Handmadhaslie jhaslie whaslie lry. So Color, shadhaslie s, thaslie xturhaslie displayhaslie d may slightly vary from thhaslie actual product duhaslie to digital imaghaslie limitations. Whaslie rhaslie quhaslie st you to considhaslie r thhaslie shaslie minor variations. Plhaslie ashaslie haslie xphaslie ct thhaslie possibility of somhaslie slight imphaslie rfhaslie ctions whhaslie n buying hand madhaslie jhaslie whaslie lry. If you havhaslie any quhaslie stions, plhaslie ashaslie mhaslie ssaghaslie or haslie mail us.

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