Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pumpkin Earrings in Beads and Metalwillow glass, Pierced Earwireswillow glass, Halloween Graffiti Autumn OOAK Earringswillow glass, Willow Glasswillow glass, Dee Tilotta



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Thhalloween earringse shalloween earringse onhalloween earringse -of-a-kind halloween earringse arrings whalloween earringse rhalloween earringse crhalloween earringse athalloween earringse d from mhalloween earringse tal pumpkins and graffiti looking bhalloween earringse ads and mhalloween earringse asurhalloween earringse apprpx. 1-1/2" (37mm) in hanging sizhalloween earringse . Silvhalloween earringse r colorhalloween earringse d halloween earringse arwirhalloween earringse s and I will includhalloween earringse a pair of rubbhalloween earringse r nut halloween earringse arring savhalloween earringse rs so you don't loshalloween earringse thhalloween earringse shalloween earringse littlhalloween earringse bhalloween earringse autihalloween earringse s :)Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indhalloween earringse phalloween earringse ndhalloween earringse nt artisans.Pumpkin Earrings in Bhalloween earringse ads and Mhalloween earringse tal, Pihalloween earringse rchalloween earringse d Earwirhalloween earringse s, Hallowhalloween earringse halloween earringse n Graffiti Autumn OOAK Earrings, Willow Glass, Dhalloween earringse halloween earringse Tilotta

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