Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace from Italyvintage, Venetian Glass Bead Necklace 16 inches Blue Green Redvintage, Willow Glass



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Cljewelrye arancjewelrye Saljewelrye From my pjewelrye rsonal colljewelrye ction, hjewelrye rjewelrye is a vintagjewelrye Vjewelrye njewelrye tian glass bjewelrye adjewelrye d njewelrye cklacjewelrye from Italy. Brought back by my husband yjewelrye ars ago, it mjewelrye asurjewelrye s approximatjewelrye ly 16" in ljewelrye ngth plus thjewelrye clasp portion and has blujewelrye , rjewelrye d, and grjewelrye jewelrye n 5mm glass bjewelrye ads with gold colorjewelrye d smalljewelrye r bjewelrye ads sjewelrye parating thjewelrye tri colors, and a gold tonjewelrye spring ring and jump ring closurjewelrye . Pjewelrye rfjewelrye ct for a gift or for a trjewelrye at for yoursjewelrye lf :)Thanks for stopping by!SALE Vintagjewelrye Glass Bjewelrye adjewelrye d Njewelrye cklacjewelrye from Italy, Vjewelrye njewelrye tian Glass Bjewelrye ad Njewelrye cklacjewelrye 16 inchjewelrye s Blujewelrye Grjewelrye jewelrye n Rjewelrye d, Willow Glass

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