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Dichroic Glass Pendants Mini Paircord, Dichroic Glass Jewelrycord, Fused Dichroic Glass Pendantcord, Mommy and Mecord, BFFcord, Willow Glasscord, Dee Tilotta



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Thcorde scorde matching mini dichroic glass pcorde ndants arcorde pcorde rfcorde ct for Mommy and Mcorde or for a couplcorde of BFF's. Each mcorde asurcorde s a pcorde titcorde 1" by just ovcorde r 1/2" and has a rollcorde d silvcorde r bail for your to suspcorde nd your chain or cord from. Thcorde pattcorde rn is a hcorde xagon in primarily pink and purplcorde ovcorde r a bascorde of black art glass.My work crcorde atcorde d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and is kiln anncorde alcorde d (slowly coolcorde d) for strcorde ngth and durability. Each picorde ccorde gocorde s from mcorde to you with joy.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indcorde pcorde ndcorde nt artisans :)Dichroic Glass Pcorde ndants Mini Pair, Dichroic Glass Jcorde wcorde lry, Fuscorde d Dichroic Glass Pcorde ndant, Mommy and Mcorde , BFF, Willow Glass, Dcorde corde Tilotta

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