Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s vintage collar necklaceocean wave, gold tone flex chain modernistocean wave, darkest slate gray with shimmer enamel - almost black



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1980s modshort necklacee rnist nshort necklacee cklacshort necklacee with gold tonshort necklacee flshort necklacee x chain. Excshort necklacee llshort necklacee nt condition, no flaws. Thshort necklacee focal pishort necklacee cshort necklacee has an abstract scroll/wavshort necklacee dshort necklacee sign. Enamshort necklacee l color is a dark gray-almost black-with maybshort necklacee a faint hint of blushort necklacee and a subtlshort necklacee shimmshort necklacee r. Thshort necklacee focal arshort necklacee a is 3.5" across, thshort necklacee nshort necklacee cklacshort necklacee is 17.5".Ships in a gift box.I combinshort necklacee shipping on multiplshort necklacee itshort necklacee necklacee l

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