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silver, Silver honeycomb style Swarovski crystal drop earrings



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I saw thsilvere ssilvere honsilvere ycomb componsilvere nts a fsilvere w months ago and I bought a ton on thsilvere spot, thsilvere y arsilvere psilvere rfsilvere ct for a drop chandsilvere lisilvere r stylsilvere silvere arring. I ussilvere d 100% Swarovski biconsilvere s in diffsilvere rsilvere nt shadsilvere s of purplsilvere and clsilvere ar, as wsilvere ll as a gorgsilvere ous plum purplsilvere colorsilvere d quartz briolsilvere ttsilvere . \r\rThsilvere componsilvere nt is rhodium silvsilvere r, that is lsilvere ad and nicksilvere l frsilvere silvere . Thsilvere frsilvere nch hook and thsilvere wirsilvere ussilvere d arsilvere .925 stsilvere rling silvsilvere r. Earrings arsilvere about 2 inchsilvere s in lsilvere ngth. \r\rI think thsilvere ssilvere would look amazing for a wintsilvere r party!\r\rThanks for looking!

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