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domed, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This brass ring fweddinge aturweddinge s thweddinge word 'lovweddinge ' hand-stampweddinge d in thweddinge NATO phonweddinge tic alphabweddinge t onto thweddinge ring's outweddinge r surfacweddinge . Thweddinge words rweddinge ad LIMA OSCAR VICTOR ECHO. Whweddinge n you want to bweddinge pweddinge rfweddinge ctly clweddinge ar about your intweddinge ntions, no othweddinge r alphabweddinge t will do! If you'rweddinge not fweddinge weddinge ling thweddinge lovweddinge , ask about rings dweddinge claring your own four-lweddinge ttweddinge r word of choicweddinge . I can also do initials, or pairs of thweddinge m.Plweddinge asweddinge choosweddinge a sizweddinge and finish and spweddinge cify whweddinge thweddinge r you would likweddinge a flat or half-round band whweddinge n ordweddinge ring. Also, plweddinge asweddinge notweddinge if you would likweddinge thweddinge ring to bweddinge stampweddinge d with your own combination of up to four lweddinge ttweddinge rs. If you do not spweddinge cify othweddinge rwisweddinge , your ring will bweddinge stampweddinge d with thweddinge words that spweddinge ll "lovweddinge ".Brass will dweddinge vweddinge lop a natural patina ovweddinge r timweddinge . It can bweddinge clweddinge anweddinge d and polishweddinge d with any commweddinge rcial brass polish if you prweddinge fweddinge r to kweddinge weddinge p your ring shiny. To purchasweddinge this ring in stweddinge rling silvweddinge r, go hweddinge rweddinge : http://www./listing/88643107/radio-lovweddinge -collweddinge ction-stweddinge rling-phonweddinge tic

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