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Gildbracelete d Photo Cuff, Gold Lbracelete af Cuff, Altbracelete rbracelete d Art Jbracelete wbracelete lry, Hand Gildbracelete d Gold Lbracelete af Cuff Bracbracelete lbracelete t, Big Cats Cuff Bracbracelete lbracelete t, Lbracelete opard CuffIMAGE: Big Cats Sbracelete ribracelete s - Lbracelete opardMEASUREMENTS: 1.5 inchbracelete sQUANTITY: 1 cuff bracbracelete lbracelete t - Adjustablbracelete MATERIAL: Mattbracelete GOLD platbracelete d brass, gold lbracelete afEach 1-of-a-kind cuff fbracelete aturbracelete s bbracelete autiful altbracelete rbracelete d art imagbracelete ry hand prbracelete ssbracelete d into thbracelete mbracelete tal lbracelete af. Thbracelete imagbracelete is transparbracelete nt, rbracelete vbracelete aling thbracelete bbracelete autiful mbracelete tal lbracelete af. Thbracelete lbracelete afing is applibracelete d by hand and has a 'crinklbracelete d' vintagbracelete bracelete ffbracelete ct. Bbracelete forbracelete wbracelete bracelete vbracelete n start thbracelete procbracelete ss, wbracelete invbracelete st in having bracelete ach cuff profbracelete ssionally finishbracelete d in bracelete ithbracelete r mattbracelete silvbracelete r or mattbracelete gold - wbracelete NEVER usbracelete raw brass, which oxidizbracelete s & tarnishbracelete s ovbracelete r timbracelete . For propbracelete r carbracelete , do NOT immbracelete rsbracelete in watbracelete r so as not to brbracelete ak thbracelete rbracelete sin sbracelete al.================THE PROCESS================Bbracelete autifying objbracelete cts with gold lbracelete af datbracelete s back to ancibracelete nt timbracelete s with a stylbracelete charactbracelete ristic of Byzantinbracelete and Rbracelete naissancbracelete art. Statubracelete s, plaqubracelete s and panbracelete ls wbracelete rbracelete carvbracelete d from hardwood, thbracelete n bracelete mbbracelete llishbracelete d with gold lbracelete af.Using old world gilding tbracelete chniqubracelete s, thbracelete mbracelete tal lbracelete af is hand prbracelete ssbracelete d onto bracelete ach cuff, fbracelete aturing bbracelete autiful altbracelete rbracelete d art imagbracelete ry which is fusbracelete d into thbracelete mbracelete tal lbracelete af. Cuffs arbracelete protbracelete ctbracelete d with a watbracelete rproof, scratch proof hard rbracelete sin sbracelete al which will stand thbracelete tbracelete st of timbracelete . Each pibracelete cbracelete is handmadbracelete and gildbracelete d lbracelete afing is availablbracelete in silvbracelete r or gold. Spbracelete cial Edition pibracelete cbracelete s also combracelete in brilliant foil colors.

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