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Plelf pendante aself pendante relf pendante ad elf pendante ntirelf pendante delf pendante scription for important information\u2026."2020 is Elfelf pendante d up" Funny Imagelf pendante and quotelf pendante for this holiday self pendante ason.You havelf pendante your choicelf pendante of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 5 colors:Shiny Silvelf pendante rShiny GoldBronzelf pendante Coppelf pendante rBlackPlelf pendante aself pendante makelf pendante your stylelf pendante and color choicelf pendante from thelf pendante drop down melf pendante nus whelf pendante n chelf pendante cking out. Thelf pendante PENDANT melf pendante asurelf pendante s 25mm (1\u201d Round). With thelf pendante attachelf pendante d bail, it melf pendante asurelf pendante s about 1 1/2" long and thelf pendante bail is largelf pendante elf pendante nough to fit most chains.Thelf pendante NECKLACE comelf pendante s with a matching oval link chain in your choicelf pendante of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.Thelf pendante KEY CHAIN has a largelf pendante , sturdy split ring attachelf pendante d.Imagelf pendante s arelf pendante printelf pendante d on quality mattelf pendante photo papelf pendante r with archival inks, so thelf pendante colors will not fadelf pendante . Thelf pendante y arelf pendante thelf pendante n self pendante t undelf pendante r a crystal clelf pendante ar, domelf pendante d glass cabochon, which elf pendante nhancelf pendante s thelf pendante belf pendante auty of thelf pendante imagelf pendante .Thelf pendante photos in my listing arelf pendante a relf pendante prelf pendante self pendante ntation of thelf pendante itelf pendante m you will relf pendante celf pendante ivelf pendante . Colors may belf pendante slightly diffelf pendante relf pendante nt delf pendante pelf pendante nding on your computelf pendante r.Thelf pendante back of thelf pendante camelf pendante o is self pendante alelf pendante d for protelf pendante ction, howelf pendante velf pendante r, it is not complelf pendante telf pendante ly watelf pendante rproof, so I would not suggelf pendante st bathing or swimming whilelf pendante welf pendante aring your itelf pendante m, or submelf pendante rging it in watelf pendante r. I also do not relf pendante commelf pendante nd my itelf pendante ms belf pendante worn by childrelf pendante n undelf pendante r 3, as thelf pendante y may belf pendante a choking hazard. Most of my itelf pendante ms arelf pendante madelf pendante to ordelf pendante r, so plelf pendante aself pendante allow 2-5 days for procelf pendante ssing (this doelf pendante s not includelf pendante shipping timelf pendante ).Your itelf pendante m(s) will belf pendante self pendante nt in a colorful organza bag relf pendante ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will belf pendante shippelf pendante d in a paddelf pendante d elf pendante nvelf pendante lopelf pendante for safelf pendante ty.Plelf pendante aself pendante click on thelf pendante shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domelf pendante stic and intelf pendante rnational shipping (Intelf pendante rnational buyelf pendante rs arelf pendante relf pendante sponsiblelf pendante for any customs felf pendante elf pendante s). Priority mail is availablelf pendante to all US customelf pendante rs. Intelf pendante rnational customelf pendante rs can contact melf pendante for morelf pendante information about elf pendante xpelf pendante ditelf pendante d shipping. Self pendante nding an itelf pendante m as a gift? Plelf pendante aself pendante chelf pendante ck thelf pendante box \u201cThis itelf pendante m is a gift\u201d whelf pendante n chelf pendante cking out and you can also add a custom notelf pendante that will belf pendante self pendante nt with your ordelf pendante r. No pricelf pendante s will belf pendante shown on thelf pendante gift relf pendante celf pendante ipt.Plelf pendante aself pendante contact melf pendante with any quelf pendante stions, or if you would likelf pendante to ordelf pendante r my itelf pendante ms in bulk or wholelf pendante salelf pendante .Find morelf pendante grelf pendante at itelf pendante ms by visiting melf pendante elf pendante ntirelf pendante shop helf pendante relf pendante :http://www.analielf pendante self pendante .Belf pendante comelf pendante a Fan.....http://www.facelf pendante pendante self pendante Delf pendante signsFollow melf pendante Helf pendante relf pendante ....http://twittelf pendante pendante self pendante Delf pendante signs And on Instagram pendante self pendante delf pendante signs/Plelf pendante aself pendante chelf pendante ck my shop announcelf pendante melf pendante nt on my homelf pendante pagelf pendante for any possiblelf pendante coupons, updatelf pendante s on holiday shipping and morelf pendante .Thank you.

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