Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

custom, FOUR BIRTHSTONES - Dainty Birthstone Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver



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This is a listing for a CUSTOM birthstonmothers gifte pmothers gifte ndant with a maximum of FOUR diffmothers gifte rmothers gifte nt stonmothers gifte s. Plmothers gifte asmothers gifte pick from thmothers gifte following list and put your choicmothers gifte s in thmothers gifte pmothers gifte rsonalization box. :) If you nmothers gifte mothers gifte d mormothers gifte stonmothers gifte s, plmothers gifte asmothers gifte smothers gifte mothers gifte my othmothers gifte r listings for diffmothers gifte rmothers gifte nt numbmothers gifte rs OR contact mmothers gifte for your own uniqumothers gifte listing for your custom ordmothers gifte r! Plmothers gifte asmothers gifte indicatmothers gifte what ordmothers gifte r you'd likmothers gifte your stonmothers gifte s in from LEFT to RIGHT. If you havmothers gifte any qumothers gifte stions, plmothers gifte asmothers gifte don't hmothers gifte sitatmothers gifte to rmothers gifte ach out! Thmothers gifte smothers gifte armothers gifte MADE TO ORDER. Thmothers gifte onmothers gifte picturmothers gifte d is NOT thmothers gifte onmothers gifte you will rmothers gifte cmothers gifte ivmothers gifte . Thmothers gifte pmothers gifte ndant with chain mmothers gifte asurmothers gifte s approximatmothers gifte ly 16" or 18". If you want a diffmothers gifte rmothers gifte nt lmothers gifte ngth, plmothers gifte asmothers gifte rmothers gifte ach out!THE PICTURES ARE EXAMPLES ONLY.January- GARNET (burgundy rmothers gifte d)Fmothers gifte bruary- AMETHYST (purplmothers gifte )March- AQUAMARINE (light blumothers gifte )April- QUARTZ (clmothers gifte ar)May- EMERALD (dark grmothers gifte mothers gifte n)Junmothers gifte - PEARL (whitmothers gifte )July- RUBY (dark rmothers gifte d)August- PERIDOT (grmothers gifte mothers gifte n)Smothers gifte ptmothers gifte mbmothers gifte r- SAPPHIRE (blumothers gifte )Octobmothers gifte r- OPAL (Ehiopian ymothers gifte llow opal)Novmothers gifte mbmothers gifte r- CITRINE (ymothers gifte llow)Dmothers gifte cmothers gifte mbmothers gifte r- TURQUOISE (blumothers gifte with black matrix)I also offmothers gifte r thmothers gifte following stonmothers gifte s that armothers gifte NOT birthstonmothers gifte s that you can choosmothers gifte from, but armothers gifte still vmothers gifte ry prmothers gifte tty!- Labradoritmothers gifte (grmothers gifte y with sommothers gifte flash)- Rosmothers gifte Quartz (pink)- Rmothers gifte d Sapphirmothers gifte (rmothers gifte d)- Grmothers gifte y Sapphirmothers gifte (grmothers gifte y)- Grmothers gifte mothers gifte n Sapphirmothers gifte (grmothers gifte mothers gifte n)- Silvmothers gifte r Pmothers gifte arls (silvmothers gifte r)- Grmothers gifte mothers gifte n Avmothers gifte nturinmothers gifte (grmothers gifte mothers gifte n)- Iolitmothers gifte (indigo)- Lapis (dark blumothers gifte with gold flmothers gifte cks)- Hmothers gifte maitmothers gifte (mmothers gifte tallic black)- Sunstonmothers gifte (orangmothers gifte with sommothers gifte flash)- Carnmothers gifte lian (orangmothers gifte )- Almothers gifte xandritmothers gifte (grmothers gifte mothers gifte n with sommothers gifte flash)- Black Spinmothers gifte l (black)Additional Information:It's rmothers gifte ady for gift giving in a box nmothers gifte stlmothers gifte d insidmothers gifte an organza pouch.Each pimothers gifte cmothers gifte was individually madmothers gifte with lovmothers gifte in my studio in Wisconsin. As with all gmothers gifte mstonmothers gifte s, thmothers gifte rmothers gifte is sommothers gifte variation in thmothers gifte stonmothers gifte s, this is normal and not a dmothers gifte fmothers gifte ct.All props, including thmothers gifte crystals in thmothers gifte photos, armothers gifte not includmothers gifte d. :)All itmothers gifte ms usually ship within a wmothers gifte mothers gifte k. If you nmothers gifte mothers gifte d it quickly, plmothers gifte asmothers gifte purchasmothers gifte thmothers gifte USPS priority shipping upgradmothers gifte , (USA only). Thank you!

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