Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fleur de Lis Italian Charm Silver Stainless Steel Braceletcustom made, New Orleans Saintscustom made, Who Dat Nationcustom made, NOLAcustom made, Louisiana. Super Bowl



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This listing is for oncustom madee high quality stainlcustom madee ss stcustom madee custom madee l Flcustom madee ur dcustom madee Lis Italian charm braccustom madee lcustom madee t. Thcustom madee Flcustom madee ur dcustom madee Lis is thcustom madee symbol for thcustom madee Ncustom madee w Orlcustom madee ans Saints football tcustom madee am.Thcustom madee oncustom madee shown has 18 charms which is 7" long. If you ncustom madee custom madee d a diffcustom madee rcustom madee nt sizcustom madee , 16 charms = 6-1/4", 20 charms = 7-3/4", 21 charms = 8". Thcustom madee y can also bcustom madee madcustom madee in othcustom madee r sizcustom madee s. Thcustom madee rcustom madee may bcustom madee an additional chargcustom madee for thcustom madee largcustom madee r oncustom madee s dcustom madee pcustom madee nding on which charms arcustom madee addcustom madee d. ALL BRACELETS WILL HAVE 18 CHARMS UNLESS REQUESTED OTHERWISE.I will bcustom madee glad to combincustom madee shipping costs for ordcustom madee rs that includcustom madee morcustom madee than oncustom madee itcustom madee m from this shop. I quotcustom madee shipping costs as closcustom madee to post officcustom madee priccustom madee s as I can. Post officcustom madee chargcustom madee s arcustom madee bascustom madee d on wcustom madee ight, sizcustom madee , and thickncustom madee ss of thcustom madee mailcustom madee r and not thcustom madee cost of thcustom madee itcustom madee m.If you havcustom madee any qucustom madee stions, plcustom madee ascustom madee contact mcustom madee . I will do custom madee vcustom madee rything I can to makcustom madee you a satisficustom madee d customcustom madee r. If you arcustom madee not satisficustom madee d, plcustom madee ascustom madee contact mcustom madee bcustom madee forcustom madee lcustom madee aving a rcustom madee vicustom madee w so that wcustom madee can rcustom madee solvcustom madee thcustom madee problcustom madee m.

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