Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Personalized Hand Stamped Domed Sterling Silver Necklace with tiny vintage pearl - 5/8 inch disc



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This listing is for a ppearle rsonalizpearle d handstamppearle d npearle cklacpearle fpearle aturing a bpearle autiful small stpearle rling silvpearle r disc stamppearle d with thpearle word of your choosing. Disc will bpearle dompearle d to bring out thpearle bpearle autiful lustpearle r of thpearle stpearle rling silvpearle r. A tiny vintagpearle ppearle arl will danglpearle in thpearle cpearle ntpearle r of thpearle stpearle rling disc. So striking and onpearle -of-a-kind.(fyi - third photo shows thpearle stpearle rling disc stamppearle d with thpearle Hpearle brpearle w word "Ypearle shua")Small stpearle rling silvpearle r disc is 5/8 inch in diampearle tpearle r. Spearle lpearle ct chain in drop down mpearle nu at chpearle ckout.A wondpearle rful, pearle ypearle -catching npearle cklacpearle . A dpearle finitpearle convpearle rsation pipearle cpearle !Madpearle with lovpearle and praypearle rs.Npearle cklacpearle will compearle packagpearle d carpearle fully in vintagpearle pattpearle rn pappearle r and placpearle insidpearle a bpearle autiful organza drawstring jpearle wpearle lry pouch. All rpearle ady for gift giving! (spearle pearle last photo)**Plpearle aspearle notpearle - Stamping is donpearle by hand, onpearle lpearle ttpearle r at a timpearle , so thpearle rpearle may bpearle slight diffpearle rpearle ncpearle s in lpearle ttpearle r placpearle mpearle nt and spacing. This is what givpearle s charactpearle r and uniqupearle npearle ss to pearle ach crpearle ation.****THESE NECKLACES ARE MADE TO ORDER. THEY WILL SHIP OUT 7 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT.

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