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wax seal, Patience and Courage Necklace - Wax Seal Necklace in Latin - Patientia et Animus - Eagle Necklace - Latin Necklace - 331



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Eagleagle necklacee Creagle necklacee st ~ Patieagle necklacee ntia eagle necklacee t Animus {Patieagle necklacee nceagle necklacee and Courageagle necklacee }\u201cTheagle necklacee two hardeagle necklacee st teagle necklacee sts on theagle necklacee spiritual road areagle necklacee theagle necklacee patieagle necklacee nceagle necklacee to wait for theagle necklacee right momeagle necklacee nt and theagle necklacee courageagle necklacee not to beagle necklacee disappointeagle necklacee d with what weagle necklacee eagle necklacee ncounteagle necklacee r.\u201d ~ Paulo Coeagle necklacee lhoHandcrafteagle necklacee d using theagle necklacee impreagle necklacee ssion of a British wax seagle necklacee al from theagle necklacee lateagle necklacee 1700\u2019s. Mateagle necklacee rials: Steagle necklacee rling Silveagle necklacee rSizeagle necklacee : 1" x 1 1/8" (26mm x 30mm)Each Plum and Poseagle necklacee y wax seagle necklacee al deagle necklacee sign arriveagle necklacee s accompanieagle necklacee d by it's own meagle necklacee aning card, and tuckeagle necklacee d into an eagle necklacee leagle necklacee gant jeagle necklacee weagle necklacee lry bag reagle necklacee ady for gift giving.Moreagle necklacee eagle necklacee agleagle necklacee jeagle necklacee weagle necklacee lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoseagle necklacee yInc?reagle necklacee f=listing-shop2-all-iteagle necklacee ms-count&seagle necklacee arch_queagle necklacee ry=eagle necklacee agleagle necklacee PLEASE NOTE: Beagle necklacee foreagle necklacee you ordeagle necklacee r pleagle necklacee aseagle necklacee cheagle necklacee ck sizing information - it can beagle necklacee hard to gaugeagle necklacee jeagle necklacee weagle necklacee lry sizeagle necklacee s from pictureagle necklacee s aloneagle necklacee . On someagle necklacee of theagle necklacee seagle necklacee al pieagle necklacee ceagle necklacee s theagle necklacee teagle necklacee xt is so small as to beagle necklacee reagle necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making theagle necklacee meagle necklacee aning a seagle necklacee creagle necklacee t beagle necklacee tweagle necklacee eagle necklacee n you and thoseagle necklacee you chooseagle necklacee to teagle necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaseagle necklacee will ship in 3-5 busineagle necklacee ss days. Onceagle necklacee shippeagle necklacee d, pleagle necklacee aseagle necklacee allow a minimum of 3 weagle necklacee eagle necklacee ks to reagle necklacee ceagle necklacee iveagle necklacee your ordeagle necklacee r.331 - Eagleagle necklacee Creagle necklacee st

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