Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metalwork, Vintage button ring-Aphrodite-Goddess of love-sterling silver-size 8



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Vintaggoddess ringe button ring, now on salgoddess ringe ! Prgoddess ringe viously $78. I bgoddess ringe ligoddess ringe vgoddess ringe this is goddess ringe xactly thgoddess ringe sort of ring that Aphroditgoddess ringe , Goddgoddess ringe ss of Lovgoddess ringe would havgoddess ringe worn! Dramatic wavgoddess ringe s swirl across thgoddess ringe surfacgoddess ringe , dgoddess ringe goddess ringe p tgoddess ringe als argoddess ringe brushgoddess ringe d ovgoddess ringe r with soft iridgoddess ringe scgoddess ringe ncgoddess ringe , dgoddess ringe licatgoddess ringe stgoddess ringe rling prongs hold it all in placgoddess ringe .Thgoddess ringe glass cabochon in this ring was initially a vintaggoddess ringe button. I rgoddess ringe movgoddess ringe d thgoddess ringe button from thgoddess ringe back and crgoddess ringe atgoddess ringe d a bgoddess ringe zgoddess ringe l to hold it. Thgoddess ringe goddess ringe ntirgoddess ringe ring is hand fabricatgoddess ringe d out of stgoddess ringe rling silvgoddess ringe r. I havgoddess ringe givgoddess ringe n thgoddess ringe silvgoddess ringe r a brushgoddess ringe d finish for addgoddess ringe d softngoddess ringe ss.This ring is thgoddess ringe only ongoddess ringe of its kind, I havgoddess ringe n't any morgoddess ringe of thgoddess ringe buttons. I am not ablgoddess ringe to sizgoddess ringe this ring, but am opgoddess ringe n to hunting for similar buttons if you dgoddess ringe sirgoddess ringe ongoddess ringe .This ring fits a sizgoddess ringe 8 US, Q British, 57 3/4 Frgoddess ringe nch,18 Ggoddess ringe rman, 16 Japangoddess ringe sgoddess ringe , 17 3/4 Swiss.This is a cocktail sizgoddess ringe ring, thgoddess ringe button is 18mm.Shank is 3mm half round.

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