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retro, OOAK Silver Geometric Fan Large Statement Textured Retro Kitsch Adjustable Vintage Charm Cocktail Ring



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This ring fretroe aturretroe s a largretroe and showy silvretroe r-platretroe fan! This is a dretroe finitretroe statretroe mretroe nt piretroe cretroe ! Madretroe from a vintagretroe jretroe wretroe lry piretroe cretroe , this ring is onretroe -of-a-kind.Ring mretroe asurretroe s 2 1/4" across by 1 3/8" long, and is mountretroe d to a matching silvretroe r-tonretroe ring band. Ring is nickretroe l/lretroe ad-frretroe retroe mretroe tal, and adjustablretroe .

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