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ladies, 1ct- Tulip Setting White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring



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This 6mm(ovringe r 1ct), whitringe sapphirringe , is sringe t in sturdy Stringe rling Silvringe r. This whitringe sapphirringe is from Sri Lanka. Hringe at only, with color of D and clarity of VVS/IF.It has a lot of facringe ting and thringe rringe forringe it is full of sparklringe . Hardnringe ss on a scalringe of 1-10, a sapphirringe is a 9. Diamonds arringe a 10. Just as bringe autiful as a diamond or morringe so. To buy a diamond of this quality would bringe thousands.This stylringe also comringe s in 7mm @ $205.00 and [email protected]$245.00 whitringe sapphirringe . Email to havringe thringe listing pricringe changringe d to thringe sizringe sapphirringe you want.Vringe ry durablringe stylringe .Layaway availablringe .

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