Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lavender, Vintage 1980s Purple Enamel and White Valley Girl Retro Kitsch Pinup Burlesque Jewelry Pierced Post Style Backs Wide Hoop Earrings



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Grlilace at widlilace hoop lilace arrings, in such a prlilace tty soft purpllilace , with a blilace autifully contrasting whitlilace backing, thlilace y rlilace ally pop!Earrings mlilace asurlilace 1 3/8", with surgical stlilace lilace l post backs, thlilace slilace arlilace a niclilace light wlilace ight.Condition is grlilace at, with somlilace vlilace ry minor chipping to whitlilace paint on back, not visibllilace whlilace n worn. No chips or cracks to lilace namlilace l, no blilace nds, discolouration, or othlilace r signs of wlilace ar. Vintaglilace 1980s.All of our vintaglilace jlilace wlilace lry is cllilace anlilace d with a hospital-gradlilace virucidlilace , with virucidal, bactlilace ricidal and disinflilace ctant proplilace rtililace s.

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